Antigua Athletic Club

Arthur Thomas

Arthur Thomas

Over the past 7 years,   I’ve been a Spinning instructor certified through the Madd Dogg Athletics training certification programme. I’ve taught  3 classes per  week on a regular basis at the Antigua Athletic Club while doing personal rides 3 times per week as well. One of the things I particularly love about teaching Spinning is the freedom I  have as an  instructor to create an endless variety of profiles and finding matching music to create an unforgettable experience.  As I travel extensively my music is inspired by my travels and serves to take me back to beautiful experiences of  places and friends while sharing some of that in a limited way with my riders.  I really enjoy listening, riding and teaching to a very broad range of songs. I love finding songs that bring to life the feelings of cycling on the road.

Spinning in that respect is  just like road cycling – the freedom to ride any road and any terrain, in any conditions. My favorite profiles are those that bring these outdoor rides to life in the Spinning studio. Whether it’s an endless stretch of flat road, to challenge the mind and body, a frightening climb rearing up in front of us, or the aggression of an attacking bunch, I love bringing these journeys to life in the minds of the riders.

If I’m not Spinning I enjoy being out observing nature as a semi-professional photographer. But those things apart I am a Lawyer by training and profession and practice law for my daily bread (smile).  

Back to spinning- One of my favorite things is helping the riders train their mind as well as their body. By teaching and empowering them to use techniques such as visualization, imagery, positive self-talk and power words while they ride, they become stronger and fitter, both physically, and mentally.  In Spinning we often talk about being on a journey. Being a Spinning Instructor is a constant journey for me, a constant evolution. I have grown and changed so much since I started and I have so much further to go. It’s exciting.